Beginning April 1, 2017
the Gaither Vocal Band will consist of Reggie Smith, Adam Crabb, Wes Hampton, Todd Suttles, and Bill Gaither.

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A-Tribute-to-George-Younce-Bill-and-Gloria-Gaither-300x300 Bill-Gaither’s-Favorite-Homecoming-Songs-Performances-It-Is-No-Secret1-213x300 Peace-in-the-Valley-Bill-and-Gloria-Gaither-300x300 Israel-Homecoming-Bill-Gloria-Gaither Jerusalem-Homecoming-Bill-Gloria-Gaither Church-In-The-Wildwood-Bill-Gaither-and-Gloria-Gaither-300x300-1  





2017  Sweeter As The Days Go By
2017  Give The World A Smile
2014  Bill Gaither’s Best of Homecoming 2015
2014  Sometimes It Takes a Mountain
2014  Bill Gaither’s Country Gospel Favorites
2013  Women of Homecoming Volume One
2013  Women of Homecoming Volume Two
2013  Bill Gaithers Best of Homecoming 2014
2012  Bill Gaither’s Best of Homecoming 2013
2012  Gaither Homecoming Celebration
2012  A Tribute to the Songs of Bill & Gloria Gaither   The Booth Brothers
2011 The Old Rugged Cross
2011  A Tent Revival Homecoming
2011  Ultimate Gaither Collection
2011  Alaskan Homecoming Live
2011  Majesty Live
2010  Count Your Blessings
2010  Giving Thanks
2009  Best Of Homecoming Volume 2
2009  Nashville Homecoming
2009  Joy In My Heart
2008  Country Bluegrass Homecoming Volume 1
2008  Country Bluegrass Homecoming Volume 2
2008  A Campfire Homecoming
2008  Homecoming Picnic
2008  Rock Of Ages
2007  Love Can Turn The World
2007  South African Homecoming
2007  Precious Memories
2007  Sweet , Sweet Spirit
2007  How Great Thou Art
2007  Amazing Grace
2007  Christmas With Bill & Gloria Gaither
2007  Something Beautiful
2007  Alleluia: Songs of Worship
2006  Gaither Homecoming Classics Volume 1 – 4
2006  Christmas in South Africa
2006  Homecoming Christmas from South Africa
2006  Amazing Grace ( CD with DVD )
2006  He Touched Me ( CD with DVD )
2006  Bill Gaither Remembers Homecoming Heroes
2006  Bill Gaither Remembers Old Friend
2006  Canadian Homecoming
2006  Gaither Homecoming Tour Live from Toronto
2005  Christmas Back Home In Indiana
2005  A Tribute To George Younce
2005  Bill Gaither’s Favorite Homecoming Songs & Performances : It Is No Secret
2005  Peace In The Valley
2005  Israel Homecoming
2005  Jerusalem Homecoming
2005  Church In The Wildwood
2005  Hymns
2005  Bill Gaither by Bill Gaither the how do
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