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Give It Away Lyrics

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Give It Away Lyrics
Song Lyrics as sung by : Gaither Vocal Band

He was workin’ in his garden when I happened by

He waved me over with that look in his eye

And he started breakin’ off some ears of corn

Here boy, today this corn is just right

Just boil it up for your supper tonight

I’ve learned it’s true what my pappy used to say

Nothing’s quite as good ’til you give it away

( Chorus )

If you want more happy than your heart will hold

If you want to stand taller if the truth were told

Take whatever you have, and give it away

If you want less lonely and a lot more fun

And deep satisfaction when the day is done

Throw your heart wide open and give it away

There’s been a lot of water gone over the dam

Since the day in the garden with my Uncle Sam

So I hope you’ll hear these words I have to say

There are two kinds of folks-takers and givers

There’s gripers and complainers and big hearted livers

It depends on how we choose to spend our days

We can hoard up all we’ve got, or give it all away

( Repeat Chorus ) 3x

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Give It Away Lyrics – Gaither Vocal Band | 2011 | 2017

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