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The God On The Mountain Legacy Lynda Randle DVD

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Actors: Lynda Randle, Ruben Bean, Peg McKamey Bean, Tracy Dartt, Lily Fern Weatherford
Format: NTSC, Widescreen
Number of discs: 1
Studio: Dartt Media Group
DVD Release Date: September 3, 2010
Run Time: 90 minutes

Product Description
There are times when the message of a song – a few words put to music – can move a heart or change a life. It can have more of an impact than a great novel or an epic film. Especially a song like God On The Mountain. It’s Message? GOD LOVES YOU, and His love for you is not dependent upon your circumstances. Whether you are down in the valley or on the mountaintop His love never changes. The God On The Mountain Legacy is an inspiring documentary that explores the phenomenon of one of Gospel Music’s favorite songs. Featuring stories and commentary from the song’s author and the artists who made it a hit, The God On The Mountain Legacy will delight gospel music fans all over the world. Featuring: Lynda and Mike Randle, Ruben and Peg McKamey Bean, Tracy and Sharon Dartt, Lily Weatherford, Phil Cross, Jim Bakker, Ben Speer, Stone Mountain Dartt, BJ Speer, Billy Brisendine, Eddie Crook, Hal Spencer, Danny Jones, Mary Fay Jackson, Russ Hall, and Kevin McManus.

Lynda Randle
Ruben Bean
Peg McKamey Bean
Tracy Dartt
Lily Fern Weatherford
Sharon Dartt
Michael Randle
Phil Cross
Ben Speer
Billy Brisendine
Jim Bakker
Stone Mountain Dartt
BJ Speer
Eddie Crook
Danny Jones
Hal Spencer
Kevin McManus
Russ Hall
Mary Fay Jackson
Narrator: Don Dartt

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