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Biography – History:

One of the premier religious harmony groups, the Gaither Vocal Band was formed by contemporary gospel legend Bill Gaither in January 1981. The group has recorded for Star Song, Benson, and Chordant, receiving many Dove Awards and several Grammy nominations. The Gaither Vocal Band has released two volumes of Southern Classics and 20 Inspirational Favorites, as well as the live recording Back Home in Indiana and 1999′s God Is Good. By this time, David Phelps had joined the group, and I Do Believe was issued in fall 2000. Lowry left the band in 2002 and was replaced by Russ Taff. Everything Good appeared that same year, followed by A Cappella in 2003 and Give It Away in 2006.
The vocal band recorded a reunion DVD at the Gaither Studios in late July 2008 titled The Gaither Vocal Band Reunion Volumes 1 and 2. It was released on CD  January 2009.
In January, 2009, Bill Gaither announced that Guy Penrod and Marshall Hall would be leaving the Gaither Vocal Band and he would bring back some members of the past including Michael English as lead vocal, Mark Lowry as baritone and David Phelps as tenor, joining Wes Hampton, whom Gaither described as occupying that “sweet spot” between tenor and lead. This five member version released Reunited in September 2009; the first album of the vocal band ever to feature only songs written by Bill and Gloria Gaither. They have recently released a great new album called ‘Greatly blessed’.

1989    The Best From The Beginning
1992    A Few Good Men
1992    Peace of the Rock
1994    Southern Classics
1995    Testify
1995    Can’t Stop Talking About Him 
1995    Homecoming  by  Gaither Vocal Band
1996    Southern Classics Volume   2 
1997    Lovin’ God & Lovin’ Each Other 
1997    Back Home in Indiana 
1998    Still The Greatest Story Ever Told
1999    God Is Good
2000    Classic Moments from The Gaither Vocal Band Voulme  1
2000    Classic Moments from The Gaither Vocal Band Voulme  2
2000    I  Do Believe
2001    Gaither Vocal Band & The Bill Gaither Trio
2002    Everything Good 
2003    A Cappella
2003    8 Great Hits Gaither Vocal by Gaither Vocal Band
2003    Australian Homecoming
2004    Best Of The Gaither Vocal Band
2006    Give It Away    
2007    Together 
2008    Lovin’ Life 
2008    Christmas Gaither Vocal Band Style 
2009    Reunion  Vol.  1 
2009    Reunion  Vol.  2
2009    Reunited
2010    Better Day
2010    Greatly Blessed
2011    Go Ask Instrumental Performance Tracks
2011     I Am A Promise
2012      Pure & Simple

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