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Singin' With The Saints      -     Bill & Gloria Gaither         All Day Singing At The Dome  -  Bill & Gloria Gaither         Atlanta Homecoming Bill & Gloria Gaither         Marching To Zion   -   Bill & Gloria Gaither         Rivers of Joy Bill & Gloria Gaither 
 Singin’ With The Saints              All Day Singing At The Dome              Atlanta Homecoming                     Marching To Zion                             Rivers of Joy

Hawaiian Homecoming  Bill & Gloria Gaither         This Is My Story      -     Bill & Gloria Gaither         Joy To The World Bill & Gloria Gaither         Joy In The Camp      -      Bill & Gloria Gaither         Feelin' At Home      -     Bill & Gloria Gaither 
  Hawaiian Homecoming                        This Is My Story                         Joy To The World                                Joy In The Camp                            Feelin’ At Home

The Best Of Homecoming Volume 1      -      Bill & Gloria Gaither          When All God's Singers Get Home     -     Bill & Gloria Gaither          Sunday Meetin' Time    -    Bill and Gloria Gaither         Ryman Gospel Reunion  Bill Gaither          Homecoming Texas Style 
The Best Of Homecoming Vol. 1      All God’s Singers Get Home         Sunday Meeting Time                 Ryman Gospel Reunion                  Homecoming Texas

Sing Your Blues Away    - Bill & Gloria Gaither          Moments To Remember      -      Bill & Gloria Gaither          Holy Ground Moments of Worship and Praise Bill & Gloria Gaither          Revival      -      Bill & Gloria Gaither          All Day Singin' And Dinner On The Ground      -      Bill & Gloria Gaither 
   Sing Your Blues Away                 Moments To Remember                          Holy Ground                                           Revival                               All Day Singin’ & Dinner

Landmark      -      Bill & Gloria Gaither         O Happy Day Old-Time Southern Singing Convention Volume 1  -  Bill & Gloria Gaither         O Happy Day     -     Bill & Gloria Gaither         A Christmas Homecoming Bill & Gloria Gaither         Turn Your Radio On Bill & Gloria Gaither 
              Landmark                                  O Happy Day Vol. 1                        O Happy Day  Vol. 2               A Christmas Homecoming                Turn Your Radio On

Old Friends Bill Gaither          A Praise Gathering      -      Bill & Gloria Gaither          Reunion A Gospel Homecoming Celebration  Bill & Gloria Gaither          Silver Celebration - A Tribute To   Bill & Gloria Gaither        Two for One A Billy Graham Music Homecoming Volume  1 & 2 
            Old Friends                               A Praise Gathering                Reunion A Gospel Homecoming                 Silver Celebration              Billy Graham Vol.1 & 2

1991   Silver Celebration  
1992   Reunion:  A Gospel Homecoming Celebration
1992   A Praise Gathering 
1993   Old Friends  
1993   Turn Your Radio On   
1993   A Christmas Homecoming
1994   O Happy Day Old-Time Southern Singing Convention Volume 2
1994   O Happy Day Old-Time Southern Singing Convention Volume 1
1994   Landmark  
1995   All Day Singin’ And Dinner On The Ground
1995   Revival
1995   Holy Grounds    
1996   Moments To Remember 
1996   Sing Your Blues Away 
1996   Homecoming Texas Style 
1996   Ryman Gospel Reunion 
1996   Sunday Meetin’ Time
1996   When All God’s Singers Get Home
1997   The Best Of Homecoming Volume 1
1997   Feelin’ At Home 
1997   Joy In The Camp
1997   Joy To The World   
1997   This Is My Story  
1998   Hawaiian Homecoming
1998   Rivers Of Joy 
1998   Marching To Zion  
1998   Atlanta Homecoming  
1998   All Day Singin’ At The Dome
1998   Singin’ With The Saints

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