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He Started the Whole World Singing      -      Bill and Gloria Gaither         Journey to the Sky      -      Bill and Gloria Gaither        Passin’ The Faith Along     -     Bill Gaither and Gloria Gaither         A Tribute To Jake Hess      -      Bill and Gloria Gaither       A Tribute Howard & Vestal Goodman      -      Bill and Gloria Gaither
Started The Whole World Singing      Journey To The Sky            Passin’ The Faith Along                 Tribute To Jake Hess              Howard & Vestal Goodman

America The Beautiful       -      Bill and Gloria Gaither        Gaither Homecoming Classics Bill Gaither's 20 All-time Favorite Homecoming Songs and Performances Vol. 1         Bill Gaither’s 20 All-Time Favorite Homecoming Songs and Performances, Volume  2          We Will Stand      -      Bill and Gloria Gaither        Build a Bridge      -      Bill and Gloria Gaither
America The Beautiful               Homecoming Classics Vol. 1      Homecoming Classics Vol. 2               We Will Stand                          Build A Bridge

 A Gospel Bluegrass Homecoming Vol. 1   -   Bill & Gloria Gaither        A Gospel Bluegrass Homecoming Vol. 2   -   Bill & Gloria Gaither        Rocky Mountain Homecoming    -   Bill & Gloria Gaither         Red Rocks Homecoming Bill & Gloria Gaither        Special Homecoming Moments     -     Bill & Gloria Gaither 
 A Gospel Bluegrass Vol. 1          A Gospel Bluegrass Vol. 2         Rocky Mountain Homecoming      Red Rocks Homecoming         Special Homecoming Moments

Down By The Tabernacle     -      Bill and Gloria Gaither         God Gave The Song     -     Bill & Gloria Gaither        Australian Homecoming    Gaither Vocal Band         Heaven     -      Bill and Gloria Gaither        Going Home       -       Bill and Gloria Gaither 
Down By The Tabernacle                God Gave The Song                    Australian Homecoming                               Heaven                                     Going Home

Let Freedom Ring    -   Bill and Gloria Gaither with Their Homecoming Friends         God Bless America       -       Bill and Gloria Gaither         I'll Fly Away       -       Bill and Gloria Gaither         New Orleans Homecoming  - Bill & Gloria Gaither         Freedom Band       -       Bill and Gloria Gaither 
   Let Freedom Ring                           God Bless America                          I’ll Fly Away                              New Orleans Homecoming                     Freedom Band

Best Of Homecoming 2001     -     Bill & Gloria Gaither         Best Of Homecoming 2002     -     Bill & Gloria Gaither         A Billy Graham Music Homecoming Volume 1         A Billy Graham Music Homecoming  Volume 2         Christmas  A Time for Joy by Bill Gaither & Gloria and Homecoming Friends 
Best Of Homecoming 2001        Best Of Homecoming 2002              A Billy Graham Vol. 1                   A Billy Graham Vol. 2                Christmas A Time for Joy

London Homecoming Bill & Gloria Gaither         What A Time!      -      Bill and Gloria Gaither         Christmas in the Country  Bill and Gloria Gaither         Whispering Hope   -   Bill & Gloria Gaither         Irish Homecoming – Bill and Gloria Gaither 
   London Homecoming                           What A Time !                       Christmas in the Country                     Whispering Hope                          Irish Homecoming

Harmony In The Heartland      -      Bill and Gloria Gaither         Because He Lives The Songs of Bill & Gloria Gaither           Because He Lives     -     Bill & Gloria Gaither         Because He Lives     -     The Bill Gaither Trio         Homecoming Hymns     -     Bill & Gloria Gaither
Harmony In The Heartland                 Because He Lives                           Because He Lives                        Because He Lives                        Homecoming Hymns

Oh , My Glory!       -      Bill and Gloria Gaither         Memphis Homecoming  Bill Gaither         Good News      -      Bill and Gloria Gaither         I’ll Meet You On The Mountain      -      Bill and Gloria Gaither         Mountain Homecoming - Bill & Gloria Gaither 
        Oh My Glory!                              Memphis Homecoming                       Good News                          I’ll Meet You On The Mountain           Mountain Homecoming

Singin' In My Soul      -     Bill & Gloria Gaither         Favorite Hymns Bill & Gloria Gaither         Kennedy Center Homecoming  -  Bill & Gloria Gaither         So Glad!      -      Bill & Gloria Gaither         A Tribute To The Songs Of   Bill & Gloria Gaither 
     Singin’ In My Soul                                Favorite Hymns                Kennedy Center Homecoming                     So Glad!                           Songs Of Bill & Gloria Gaither

1999   Singin’ In My Soul   
1999   Favorite Hymns  
1999   Kennedy Center Homecoming 
1999   So Glad!   
1999   A Tribute To Songs Of Bill & Gloria Gaither
1999   Mountain Homecoming
1999   I’ll Meet You On The Mountain
2000   Good News 
2000   Memphis Homecoming
2000   Oh, My Glory ! 
2000   Homecoming Hymns
2000   Because He Lives  by Bill Gaither Trio
2000   Because He Lives  
2000   Because He Lives The Songs of  Bill & Gloria Gaither
2000   Harmony In The Heartland 
2000   Irish Homecoming  
2000   Whispering Hope 
2000   Christmas In The Country 
2001   What A Time!  
2001   London Homecoming  
2001   Christmas A Time For Joy 
2001   A Billy Graham Music Homecoming Volume  1  
2001   A Billy Graham Music Homecoming Volume  2
2001   Best Of Homecoming 2001
2002   Best Of Homecoming 2002 
2002   Freedom Band
2002   New Orleans Homecoming
2002   I’ll Fly Away
2002   God Bless America  
2002   Let Freedom Ring 
2003   Going Home
2003   Heaven 
2003   Australian Homecoming  
2003   God Gave The Song     
2003   Down By The Tabernacle 
2003   Special Homecoming Moments 
2003   Red Rocks Homecoming 
2003   Rocky Mountain Homecoming 
2003   A Gospel Bluegrass Homecoming Volume  1   
2003   A Gospel Bluegrass Homecoming Volume  2 
2004   Build A Bridge
2004   We Will Stand
2004   Bill Gaither’s 20 All-time Favorite Homecoming Songs and Performances   Volume  1 
2004   Bill Gaither’s 20 All-Time Favorite Homecoming Songs and Performances  Volume  2 
2004   America The Beautiful 
2004   A Tribute To Howard & Vestal Goodman 
2004   A Tribute To Jake Hess
2004   Passin’ The Faith Along  
2004   Journey To the Sky
2004   He Started The Whole World Singing

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