Move Over Conrad Hilton, Comrade Trump Hotels Are Moving In! July 9 2017

Are you ready for some serious fun? Here’s the great new Comrade Trump Hotel Casino Golf Course Game.

First of course, the manditory standard disclaimer. This is just a humorous game.
In spite of all the fake news media talk about Russia-gate no actual evidence of election collusion has surfaced thus far.

So that said let the game begin! First to get in the Donald mindset just repeat: I’m the Donald . I’m the smartest! I’m the best! I’m the president and you are not.

I’m having a great day here at the G20 in Hamburg Germany.
I just had a wonderful meeting with my hero Vladimir Putin. So many many wonderful winks and nods. And my new luxury highrise hotel with a view to die for is in the bag. The view of the iconic Grand Kremlin Palace and historic Red Square in Moscow is finally mine. Now thats a successful summit meeting!

Whats good for the Donald is good for America! I’ll push Conrad Hilton aside like a Montenegro Prime Minister!

Even skeptical Freedom Caucus congressmen must now admit I’m trully a great deal maker. I got my new luxury Moscow highrise hotel  plus a 100 acre private Golf Course just outside Moscow. And my buddy Vladimir even threw in 100,000 acre siberian hunting preserve for Eric and Donald jr. Now that’s the art of the deal!

And I gave Putin California. Such an annoying state. Who needs it?  Vlad will take care of all those hippie environmentalists too.

What a win win deal! With California gone I’ll easily sweep the popular vote in 2020.

Ain’t Vlad great! He makes a deal and his party, his parliament and
his courts just quickly rubber stamp it. Now that’s what I’m talking about! That’s freedom!

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stephen boyles

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