United States presidential line of succession after President Trump

President Trump appears for the moment phenomenally powerful. However rest assured the voracious avarice of this furious Trump  maelstrom is rapidly sowing the seeds of his own destruction.

Trump’s voters will begin to realize that he views the non rich as sheep. Subhumans useful to him because they can be easily tricked and divided then efficiently sacrificed one flock at a time.

The United States presidential line of succession is the established order of United States federal government officials who may become President of the United States if the incumbent president dies, is incapacitated, resigns, or removed from office by impeachment.

The line of succession is delineated by the United States Constitution and the Presidential Succession Act of 1947. The succession follows the order of Vice President, Speaker of the House, President pro tempore of the Senate, and the cabinet, which currently has fifteen members, beginning with the Secretary of State.

Within months it will be abundantly clear to Trumps own Republican Party (GOP) that Trump is damaging the GOP as well as the USA and the world and so must go immediately.
The GOP will disown Trump! He will either be impeached or even more quickly declared unfit for office and removed forthwith. The US occasionally makes a mistake but is not a one party dictatorship.

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United States presidential line of succession after President Trump | 2017 | 2017

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