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Satan is the embodiment of evil. The temptation of Christ is found in the Gospel of Matthew. Jesus, alone in the desert is repeatedly tempted by Satan. In Matthew 4 :10 Jesus says to the Devil “ Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.”

In the Western Christian tradition, Satan entered popular folklore, particularly in his role as trickster figure. As such, the character is found in a large number of folk tales and traditional myths of Ireland and Newfoundland, Italy and the United Kingdom, where he often attempts to trick or out wit other characters. In some of these tales, the devil portrayed as the most popular villain of the terms of the embodiment of evil. Devil also features prominently in a number of tales of hagiographical, or tales of saints, such as folk tale of St. Dunstan, many of which may fall outside the scope of religious law authorized. Satan is also a recurring feature in tales explaining the language of geographical names, lending his name to natural formations such as the chimney of the devil.

In Christianity, the dominant, and usually are portrayed God and the devil fighting for the lives of human beings, with the Devil seeking to lure people away from God and go to hell. Satan leads a force of evil angels, known as the Hebrew Bible or Testament describes demons. The old Ha antibody – satanas angel who incites tests on humans. Many other religions of a personal or crook experimenter similar to the devil. Modern concepts to include the concept of Satan is symbolized by human beings themselves or less the nature of sin.
In Christianity is known as the devil and Satan, and sometimes as Lucifer, although it was noted that the reference in Isaiah 14:12 to Lucifer, or the Son of the morning, is a reference to the Babylonian king. In the view of many modern Christians, the devil is an angel that the World Health Organization, to one side – the third of the angelic host and the demons rebelled against God, and therefore has been convicted in a lake of fire. He was described as hating all humanity, or more accurately creation, opposing God, spreading lies and wreaking havoc in the souls of mankind. Other Christians consider the devil in the Bible to refer figuratively to human sin and temptation and to any human system in opposition to God.
Satan is often identified as the serpent persuaded Eve to eat from the forbidden tree, and thus, often depicts Satan and the serpent. Despite this limitation does not exist in the narrative of Adam and Eve, this interpretation goes back at least as far as the time of writing of the Book of Revelation, which is known specifically as the devil snake Rev. 20:02.
In the Bible, and identified with the devil “and the Dragon,” the old serpent in Revelation 00:09, was also identified with the devil 20:02, as well as “the prince of this world in the book of John 12:31, 14:30,” the prince of the air force also called for Meririm, and “the spirit is made now to the sons of disobedience in the book of Ephesians 2:2; and” God in this world 2 Corinthians 4:4. It also identified the position of the dragon in the Book of Revelation and the tempter of the Gospels, for example.
Beelzebub is originally the name of God cultured, more specifically a certain type of Baal, of Zebûb Ba’al, lit. Also uses the “Lord of the Flies,” but in the New Testament as a synonym for Satan. Corrupted version, “Belzeboub, appears in the Divine Comedy.
Satan is a synonym for the devil – ha – the devil, who hails from development English East, dēofol Old English, and this in turn represents a Germanic borrowing early in the Latin diabolus also a source of “satanic”. διάβολος This in turn was borrowed from diábolos ancient Greek, “slanderer,” from diaballein “defamation of a friendly -” across, through ballein plus “to throw.” In the New Testament, “the devil is happening more than 30 times in the clips along with diábolos ancient Greek for” “the devil, referring to the same person or something of the devil.

The other names for Satan

In some religions, traditions, and these addresses are separate demons, and others identify these names as manifestations of the devil. Even when the individual thought and demons, and thought often of some being directly under the control of Satan. Identifies only those thought of as the devil; list of demons has a list of more general.
Azazel, Asael Hebrew king of demons
Baphomet, devil worship, which assumes that the Knights Templar
Beelzebub, Ba’al zevuv בעל זבוב Hebrew or Lord of the Flies Lord of the Flies Matthew 10:25
Belial, Beliar, Bheliar Hebrew without the main, sneering from the earth, the Lord of Pride 2 Corinthians 6:15
Mastema, and Satan in the Book of Jubilees
Sammael, Samiel, Sammael Hebrew “poison of God”
666 or 616, and a number of the beast
Angra Mainyu, Qatar ploy “evil spirit”, “unholy spirit”
The Antichrist, and the advent of Satan to the world of the dead in Christian
Dark Lord
Der German Leibhaftige “is the same”
Diabolus, Diavolus Greek “cut through”
Satan, Satan in Islam
Lord of the Underworld – the Lord of Hell – the Lord of this world
Lucifer – the morning star came to the Greek and Romanian from the light, lighting, and the planet Venus, often depicting the name of Satan before his fall
A Mephistopheles, Mephisto Greek that which avoids the light
Age zero, Curious, Nick and old slang for the devil, as evidenced by the name of a character in the story of the devil and Tom Walker
Love life
Prince of Darkness – Air
Satan – the opponent, the defendant, the Attorney General
Old – old – Twisted – coiling Serpent
Satan, which is the Arabic name for Satan
Kölski Iceland
Volland France in the Middle Ages
Satan in popular culture
Devil Tarot Card
Hierarchy of demons
The names of devils
Hell, Hades, and vice
Treaty with the devil
Number of the beast
In Judaism there is no prevailing concept of Satan in Christianity or Islam, such as steel. In Hebrew, the word of the Bible ha – השָׂטָן Satan means “adversary or an obstacle, or even” the Attorney General with the recognition that consider God as the judge in the end.
Hebrew Apocrypha
Apocrypha are religious writings that are not generally accepted in the Bible by Jewish and many of the modern – Protestant Christian denominations today. In the Book of Wisdom, and represents Satan is the one who brought death to the world.
He called on Book 2 of Enoch, also called the Slavonic Book of Enoch, contains Gregory Monitor Satanael.It pseudepigraphic is the text of uncertain date and unknown authorship. Text describes Satanael as Prince Gregory, who was cast out of the spirit and heaven and the evil that knows the difference between what is “righteous” Wicked “and found a similar story in the Book of Enoch 1;. However, in the book, called the leader Gregory Semjâzâ.
In the apocryphal literature, and the rules of the devil on a group of angels. Mastema, which causes God to test Abraham through the sacrifice of Isaac, is identical with the devil all in the name and nature.
Of Chasidic Jews of the eighteenth century, ha – the devil was Baal Davar. And saw the Book of Enoch contains Satariel, as the language of Satan’el Sataniel which dates back to the origins of the Babylonian. Similar in spelling mirror that of his brothers, angelic Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel, prior to his expulsion from Paradise.
In other, non – Beliefs, and the current Christian beliefs, for example, Christadelphians is not the word “Satan in the Bible that refers to the personal, supernatural being, but to any ‘enemy’, and refers to the metaphor of human sin and temptation.
In Islam and referred to as Satan Satan Satan Arabic, which refers to the evil of the devil – like humans. According to the Qur’an, God created the devil of the “smoke of the fire along with all of the jinnand other created man from clay. The key attribute of the devil, along with arrogance, is that it has no other force of energy to give suggestions of evil in the heart of men and women.
According to Muslim theology, and the expulsion of Satan from the grace of God when he disobeyed God by choosing to honor not only to Adam, the father of all mankind. He claimed to be superior to Adam, on the basis that man was created from the ground to reverse itself. As for the angels, they prostrated before Adam to show loyalty and obedience to God. However, the devil, who insists, in his view that man is the lowest, in contrast to the angels and given the power to choose, choose not to obey God. Reason is that expelled him by God, a fact that Iblis blamed on humanity. Repented of Adam and Eve in the beginning, Satan has been successful in deceiving Adam, but once his intentions became clear, to God and released for their misdeeds and forgiven. God gave them a strong warning about Iblis and the fires of hell and asked them and their children to stay away from humankindto fallacies of the senses caused by the devil.
According to verses from the Koran, the task of Satan until Judgement or Judgement Day Russia Today – May – qiyamais to deceive Adam’s children of humanity. After that, will be put in the fires of hell along with those who had been deceived. Also referred to Satan as one of the jinn, and all that is created from smokeless fire. Quran does not portray the devil and the enemy of God, and God is supreme over all his creations and Iblis is just one of his creatures. One enemy is Satan and humanity. Intended to reduce human beings from obedience to God. Thus, he warned humanity in the struggle against jihad mischiefs of the Satan and temptations he puts them in. They are people who succeed in this are rewarded with paradise paradise Mae jannath, attainable only by righteous conduct.
Portray Satan as seen in the Greek Constitution Gigas.The διάβολος old Satan or ‘ejector’ diábolos means or ‘accuser’is believed in many religions and cultures to be a powerful, supernatural entity that is the embodiment of evil and enemy of God and human beings. And is usually associated with Satan with heretics, infidels, and other infidels. He considered various Abrahamic religions of Satan, as the rebellious angel has fallen, the devil that tempts people to commit sin or evil. Others saw the devil as the symbol that represents a crisis of confidence, individualism, free will, wisdom and enlightenment.

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